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The Retail Trio - Mentors Need Mentoring

The Retail Duo became The Retail Trio for a few short weeks in late October, early November. Through our 9-5 day jobs with Sheridan College we have the pleasure of teaching and mentoring the next generation of Visual Merchandisers.

So did we jump at the chance to scoop up a co-op placement student who had fresh set of eyes and had a positive outlook and strong work ethic? The answer, was an enthusiastic YEP! We have always lived by the philosophy that a leader should help to

shape their successor to be even better than

they are, and to be open to the fact that

often times “mentors need mentoring”.

Meet Caira!

We asked for her perspective of what it was like to work alongside us and to speak about the peaks as well as some of the harsh realities. We tried to provide Caira with an authentic, behind the scenes work experience, with all of the good and not so good bits. Throughout her placement we witnessed that she was constantly gaining confidence. Caira experienced loads of life lessons that cannot be taught in a classroom environment.

If you have never hired a student, please make it one of your New Year’s Resolutions to mentor and be mentored. Fostering one another, building a community of talented and kind people who want to give back is what its all about.



· Planning and photographing a TRD Holiday

themed Photoshoot.

· Compiling a list of iconic Halloween DUOs.

· Creating Instagram graphics and polls.

· Sourcing props for a photoshoot.

. Researching office prayer/wellness rooms

CAIRA - Something I learned:

· How to organize your receipts when sourcing props and fashion for a photoshoot.

· How to create organized invoices.

· How to carry MANY things at once with ease (thank you Canadian tire cart).

· Always invest in good lighting.

CAIRA - The highlights:

· Touring the beautiful office spaces and getting inspired by the upcoming plans for the

larger office unit.


· Creating Instagram graphics and polls - specifically Halloween DUOs!

CAIRA - The Challenges:

· Breaking my laptop : (

· Getting my wisdom teeth taken out during placement.

· Spilling coffee on my shirt!

Thank you Ciara! A job VERY well done. We look forward to keeping you on the team for as long as you wish with your many responsibilities. We are so excited to share our Holiday Photoshoot with our audience. Curated and planned by YOU!

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