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Our Service Packages

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We don’t refer to ourselves as mini twin tornados for just any reason!   


This option combines all of the above packages but includes detailed action items as well as onsite support for merchandise flips and re-sets. 


Top priorities are discussed and agreed upon for an on-site   implementation.


Documentation and follow up measures are also provided. 

After we are done, all you have to do is relax, watch, and reap the retail benefits!


Specialized visual merchandising services - including training virtually or on site, for small or large teams.


Conference seminars for trade shows, retail events, or tailored to a specific businesses needs.

We always take a fun and interactive approach to all of our sessions. No boring talking heads at a podium here.

Industry and trend and insight reports (available upon request)

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Quote Required




Additional Services Menu

Window Displays



Custom branded window displays are the best way to stop a potential customer in their tracks.


(3 hr minimum

design, sourcing, labour, materials & installation)

Interior Styling

Our skillsets easily transfer over to residential, restaurant, and office environments.


(3 hr minimum 

design, labour, sourcing, materials & installation)

Photo Shoots / Fashion Styling


We conceptualize and direct one-of-a-kind photo shoots for campaigns, advertising, and social media.

(Quote Required

 direction, styling photography, editing, and production)

Graphic Design / Signage


Need to create a cohesive brand identity or logo?  Or maybe you need a special sign or other promotional materials?


(2 hr minimum. 

Plus printing & Installation)


We share the retail passion that exists within you!  


This 1 hour in-store visit, or virtual hang out, allows both parties to discuss what is working, and frankly what is not working. If you have been looking for a way to amp up your store - this is a great way to start with this basic visual merchandising service. 


By highlighting opportunities and setting top 3 takeaways we set the foundation for growth and results. *Travel fees may apply 



We know as one of the main drivers behind your brand you have enough to deal with

day to day.  


As follow up to the in-store visit, a blueprint is created, complete with a mood board, top 5 action items, and a summary of  key action points.  


If you are not both laughing, and seeing increased sales results by now we will be shocked!

*Travel fees may apply 




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