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Return to Office - The Ready Office Way

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

THE RETAIL DUO is primarily focused on the world of retail and all things well styled and merchandised but when we were asked by Taylor Co. Ltd to work as one of their design collaborators on their #readyoffice concept, we answered with a resounding "YES!" Many of the principles that we use in store layout and store consultations can apply to the office environment. So it was a pretty simple transition for us.


Ready Office+ is physical work environment fundamently built around people.

It's just like the model home that sprouts up in a newly-built residential subdivision. Everyone that walks into these unique and chicly styled offices will feel inspired and right at home at work. The best part is - what you see is really what you get. The comfy couch, the multi-level desks, even the epic bluetooth turntable - it’s all part of the Ready Office+ package.


Often dictated by the space itself and architectural elements, as well as budget at times we create a theme and story for the space. Each one is truly unique! Not going to lie - this is the best part of our job!


Similar to a bubble plan when organizing a store the office is broken down into overall functions. What are the needs within the space? Is there a good balance of "bums in seats" versus collaborative space? Are there spaces for group brainstorming and connecting as well as quiet spots for moments of privacy and focus. Hoteling versus designated assigned seating?


Every brand usually has their hook or special ingredient, and something memorable wether it be nostalgic, playful, or heartwarming. We brought this idea to the office. When Diane suggested a blue tooth record player - we knew we had a winner! Sure a record player doesn't single handedly sell a space but is sure makes a space unique. After the record player, we made it our mission to always incorporate something different - a talking point if you will. Unique MOSS DOMES, a PING PONG TABLE in a Collaborative Space, and the ultimate luxury; a FIREPLACE are just some examples.


Top priority for us, and working with Taylor Co Ltd we see that health is truly the new wealth in their eyes too. It is important for coworkers to be able to exercise, and they believe they can now have healthy lifestyles when spending time at the office post pandemic. Gyms, healthy food choices, wellness and prayer rooms, or even just close proximity to these amenities are essential.

As the great return to the office begins to accelerate, along with companies trying to accommodate hybrid models as well THE DUO are excited to keep rolling with the challenges that face employers. For a peek into some READY OFFICE spaces take a look at the images, complements of Kevin & Erin Tablizo. Which one would you like to work in, and if you say ALL of them, that is just fine by us!

Suite 200 - Erin Mills Corporate Centre - MOD-ERN RETRO

Suite Heron's Hill - THE GREAT BLUE HERON

Suite 1100 - Erin Mills Corporate Centre: THE NEW CORPORATE

More Ready Offices coming soon....STAY TUNED!

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