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The Retail duo Revealed 

We are a dynamic crew of two.

Together, their expertise offers two sets of eyes, two opinions, and over 20 years of industry experience.

We are conveniently located in Toronto, however,  we do love to travel far and wide to share our love for all things retail and design!

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Diane Spiridoulias


Let it be said that her superpower is the ability to create logos, and marketing ideas almost instantaneously.  


And styling? She basically created the phrase “woke up like this” as there are no bad hair days or bad fashion choices with her!

Karen Kritzer


Her passion for networking and bringing people together follows her wherever she goes and she sees no greater satisfaction than in a happy client!


Merchandising seems to be in her blood and she strives to apply quality with speed when on site…while wearing stylish shoes of course! 

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