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Unwrapping NYC's Retail Magic

The Retail Duo embarked on their annual December trip to the vibrant city of New York, seeking retail inspiration, exploring showrooms, and engaging in sourcing activities.

Amidst the enchantment of the holiday season, they also took the opportunity to reconnect with industry peers. Let's unwrap some of the key moments and takeaways from their festive adventure.

IRL and ONLINE Exploration:

One must-visit on our itinerary was the new Crate & Barrel location on Broadway. This captivating store, adorned with beautiful columns and high ceilings, offered a delightful journey from corner to corner. The in-store experience was a visual feast, with brilliant signage and campaign tones that resonated with us. Each vignette was meticulously curated, featuring add-on accessories that complemented prime locations. We admired the creative yet simple presentation of materials and finishes, making the design process accessible. Their new ethos, "building a home with purpose," is poised for a warm reception. While weekly visits to the 23,000 square foot store may not be feasible, we look forward to satisfying our C&B fix through their online replica.

DUO takeaway:

Anticipate more of these seamless online and IRL marriages. The concept is undeniably brilliant!

WORTH THE WAIT at Tiffany & Co.:

Despite multiple visits to NYC, we had patiently awaited our turn to experience the newly renovated Tiffany & Co. on Fifth Avenue—dubbed "The Landmark." The attention to detail throughout the flagship store was nothing short of incredible. Each floor unveiled a tapestry of different materials and textures, with seamless integration of digital elements and captivating color palettes. The store exuded an approachable take on elegance and luxury, even reflected in the pared-down uniforms of the sales associates.

DUO takeaway:

Next time, we'll make sure to snag a souvenir or two in one of those iconic blue boxes and make a pit stop at the exquisite bathrooms!


A prevailing theme on our clients' minds—creating inclusive spaces—was palpable at Bernstein Display Showroom. The integration of new tones, textures, and colorways into their mannequin collections impressed us. The move towards ethnic representation and size inclusivity, particularly varied sizes on the top and bottom, struck a chord. The collections addressing accessibility issues showcased a commendable move towards storytelling that mirrors our diverse world.

DUO Takeaway: Consider investing in new mannequins this year to embrace diversity and inclusion. For more information, visit Bernstein Display.


The Dior X Saks Holiday Installation on the Saks facade never fails to be a showstopper. The new Dior "Wheel of Fortune," featuring zodiac signs and constellations, took our breath away. Miniature displays highlighting Dior's history and iconic moments adorned the windows, embracing the trend of tiny replicas. Our encounter with the brilliant David Hoey, senior director of visual presentation for BG, and Tom Beebe, window dressing legend, added a touch of star power to our trip.

DUO takeaway: Luxury is a timeless affair, and the artistry of beautiful display windows remains alive and well.

PAVE GALA: Paving the Way for Future Designers:

A pivotal reason for our journey was attending the annual PAVE Gala—an event dedicated to raising funds for over 25 years. PAVE, which stands for the Planning and Visual Education Partnership, plays a vital role in supporting young talent. We were honored to contribute our time by greeting guests and assisting with check-in. The stylish and vibrant crowd, alongside the hardworking PAVE board, industry sponsors, and students, made this night truly memorable.

A huge shout-out to Nikki Naar and Dask Negal who worked so hard along with the rest of the PAVE board and many key industry sponsors, and some students, to make this night so perfect. We are so thankful for people and organizations like PAVE who support future designers and who value educators. (PAVE photos complements of Lydia Lee Photography)

DUO takeaway: Glamor for a good cause is always in style! Find your people and your cause.

While our list of stops was extensive, a day in the Big Apple always leaves you wanting more. The Retail Duo returned energized and ready to enjoy a restful holiday, gearing up for a powerful start to 2024!

Cheers & Happy Holidays!

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