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The Value of Hiring a Merchandiser

In a time when people are cost cutting and scrutinizing budgets with a fine-tooth comb, it is understandable that a business owner may pose the question "why should I invest in a professional merchandiser?' We may be a little biased but here we shed some light on why we think it is worth the investment.

You wear many hats already:

Allow a merchandiser to take the time to examine the product assortment and to create highs and lows in the store. Allowing someone new to give a fresh perspective and to look at the details can only add value. Their eyes go to the little things; the dust bunnies, that one burnt out bulb, the scratch on the mannequin - and that is a good thing! Providing a merchandiser with access to your top money makers and showing them the inside story of what you wish to move allows them to work their magic. They can determine the best form of merchandising and the best media or location for the display or product grouping. Chances are by allowing yourself to let go of some of the merchandising installations your productivity will increase.

Nothing jumps out:

One of the biggest opportunities The Duo finds in-store, is that everything feels the same. Think of the average person; they have worked all day, they run out in between meetings, or basketball carpool, to grab a quick gift or meal idea and everything blurs into one. " Of course, most people won't actually recall seeing 4,000 to 10,000 messages each day. This is because, to keep our sanity, we've developed a screening process to ignore most advertising messages. Less than 100 of them make it past our “attention wall” each day." (SOURCE: Red Crow Marketing) With being peppered with all these messages a day it is no wonder it can be hard to focus. We say: SHOW WHAT YOU WANT TO SELL. (Yes, we are yelling!) Make it simple. Make it stand out. Let's break it down a little more:

On a wall of Rose' wines, everything looks the same. Pretty bottles. Nice labels. Varied price points. BUT what is actually good? What is a great value? What is a limited edition? What is unique? What should we take tonight for a housewarming gift? Show us!!

End caps in grocery stores. (A HUGE, missed opportunity in our minds) Sure, they help direct us but curate a complete meal or snack theme. Give us something unexpected. To be honest we don't want to walk around the whole store!

That sneaker wall: repeat a row of the best money maker (we will never know) Highlight the most search or googled style! Highlight the one style that is in a new trend colour. Heck, even repeat that "dog" that you cannot move. If we see it enough - we start to think it's the next best thing!

Merchandisers take products placed on shelves and bring them to life by adding various techniques that end up attracting the consumer to various strategic focal points.

Something new and exciting:

Nothing speaks to a shopper more than a creative story or theme. By adding paint, a well-defined area, maybe some great signage or a few jaw dropping props, they all with stand out and capture people's attention.

We love the idea of department stores such as Holt Renfrew going that extra mile and defining different areas by changes the material. Mix it up and make it an adventure!

A Visual Merchandiser brings creativity, expertise, not to mention we are quite possibly the world's best problem solvers. Is there an awkward area architecturally in your shop? Perhaps there is a dead space in the shop layout? Or maybe you just cannot put your finger on what is needed to bring the space to life or re-fresh it. All things in the merchandiser's toolbox.

Webs of connections:

As the saying goes "there is an app for that", well, chances are a merchandiser has a person on their speed dial for almost every issue. Graphics, lighting, fixtures, millwork, building codes, fabricators, seamstress...all most likely links that a merchandiser has used at one point or another. We would personally not be where we are today without the support and talents of many specialized collaborators. When a merchandiser has a trusted resource, that means one less headache for you.

Sales increase:

We have seen it happen right before our eyes. Sales jump when new products arrive or there is some type of hype surrounding them which will always be the case. BUT when you combine that excitement, with a well-planned, well executed display the results take on even more momentum. Hiring someone to allocate the proper amount of time and attention to display execution and planning, even event planning in store to align with new refreshes bring results.

The New Year is the perfect time to book a consultation and integrate some actions into the yearly calendar. Curious about how merchandising can work for you? Give us a call.

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