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Ready Office - A Finished Fresh Start

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

“Where exceptional customer experiences and great spaces meet.”

When Taylor Co Ltd. asked The Retail Duo to join them in collaborating on some of their “Ready Office” spaces many started to think what does retail design have to do with commercial spaces?

As it turns out quite a bit actually. More and more mixed use spaces are becoming the norm as well as blurred lines between residential, commercial and retail environments.

This collaborative journey between Taylor Co Ltd. and the Retail Duo began mid Fall 2021. Our paths aligned for many reasons. Our companies launched within weeks of each other in the middle of a pandemic. Clearly we all love to take some risks and challenge ourselves. Early on in our partnership we found that our companies shared many of the same values and attention to detail. It was clear that we all have a deep respect for every member of each other's teams, a passion for well thought out features and functions in well designed spaces, and of course having a little bit of fun along the way!

In this blog, featured are Greg and Allan Taylor who are both founding partners of Taylor Co Ltd;

How has Taylor Co Ltd created a work environment that encourages growth, equality, and diversity?

Taylor Co. is creating a work environment that respects people for who they are. We encourage, look for and welcome anyone who brings value to the team, our customers and the company. Our team approach to management engages all parties associated with each property and fosters co-operation, patience and support for one another. The trust created in this team approach to management makes our employees comfortable to make decisions and take calculated risks which in turn enhances growth in our work environment.

How has Taylor Co Ltd made partnering with the communities that they occupy, a priority?

We understand that real estate does not function like an island. What happens in the area around a building has a profound impact. We can all think of examples of a building that has lifted up an area or has brought down an area. Knowing this impact, we look to support local businesses and encourage B to B activity with our customers. If the area is vibrant – so will be the real estate.

Sustainability cannot be understated from the sense of a global community. Environmental stewardship by Taylor Co, our properties and by our customers is of the highest importance. We are evolving our program to lead our industry on meaningful and effective reduction of pollutants to our planet.

What would you say is the biggest lesson or shift that Taylor Co Ltd made during, or as a result of COVID-19?

Taylor Co. was created because of our passion to do what is right for the customer and for them to feel they are getting value for their money. One of the biggest shifts that is happening as a result of COVID-19 is that building owners are realizing that their customers have a choice and much of the future success will revolve around creating value for the customer.

Can you explain the Ready Office concept?

Model suites and show rooms have been around in real estate development for decades. Co-working is appealing because the space is ready to move into immediately but is missing a sense of privacy or ownership that comes with a traditional lease. Ready Office is the best of both worlds – it takes the model suite to the next level by providing a full Ready to move into Office complete with furniture, artwork, plants and even the pens on the desks; while providing the privacy and ownership of having a dedicated corporate office.

Ready Office has the appeal to a broad range of businesses but why is it particularly appealing to a start up?

The COVID pandemic is an enhanced cycle for many businesses – meaning that some have disappeared, and new entrepreneurs are emerging. The leasing of office space has traditionally been cumbersome, time consuming and extremely expensive – and if you don’t do it everyday it is overwhelming. Ready Office takes all the barriers away and provides an easy, immediate and seamless way for a company to get its own office space.

What would each of YOUR dream office spaces include?

Office space should foster productivity for all employees. To do this an office must be versatile and include casual areas for creativity and to take a real break; a workspace for focussed and undisrupted work; a place to eat (not like your college meal hall) but more set like a nice restaurant; meeting spaces of varying sizes; technology supported and any workspace that can also be an entertaining space outside business hours is perfect. Recognizing health and cultural needs private quite areas and prayer rooms are also a necessity. Design should be durable, serviceable and should support the functions of each space.

What would be your biggest pet peeves about office spaces, or about coworkers/co-working spaces?

Pet peeves is perhaps better stated as challenges. Office space size and needs are very hard for a senior executive to predict over a long period of time; a task we do not envy. Traditional office space often requires identifying the needs of a business for 5, 10 or even 15 years. Co-working spaces are great because they allow a company to grow and shrink quickly – but they are expensive and there is a lack of ‘privacy or ownership’ of the space. Recognizing that these hurdles exist for all businesses; we will continue to evolve our offering to help accommodate the needs for a dedicated corporate space that solves this challenge for our customers.

Has there been a project or property that stands out as one you are most proud of?

There have been several over the years. The ones that stand out are the ones that are full of profitable and successful businesses that see the value of the real estate and the area in which it sits. This includes both office and retail properties. Square One is a great example. It is amazing to see the vibrancy of a property or its community when real estate is successful – to sit back and know we had a part of that success; is the ultimate goal of what gets us out of bed every day.

What’s next?

Driving value from the real estate for our customers will be ever evolving as business evolves. We will continue to look to take advantage of new ways to cross collaborate and keep an open mind for opportunities that will bring value to our properties.

Our future growth plan is two-fold:

1 - will be to grow our office portfolio to be able to offer space in all regions of Canada where our customers would like to be; and

2- take advantage of our teams exceptional track record with regional, super-regional shopping centres and offer consulting, acquisition or management services to current owners or investors looking for new ways to enhance and lift their real estate to compete in 2021 and beyond.

Our Collaboration with Taylor Co. ltd. is just starting and there is much more to look forward to within the Ready Office projects. Stay tuned and follow our journey on both our IG accounts.

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