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Making space at the office for Prayer & Meditation

Over the past two years, many businesses have adapted to the challenges of the pandemic by working from home. As we merge back into working in-person again, many employees are looking for an incentive to leave the comfort of their home offices and put their "pants back on" for work.

Incorporating a meditation or prayer space in the office is an excellent way to bring comfort, privacy, and religious freedom accommodations into the workplace.

A room like this is a safe and private space where workers have the option to pray, meditate, de-stress, make a phone call, or even get up and stretch. Here, we examine some essential items to include in a meditation and prayer room.

Open Space:

Leaving the majority of the floor space vacant allows individuals to layout a prayer mat, do some stretching, or even pace around during a phone call.

Noise Cancelling Walls and Door:

Ensured privacy is a must-have. Everyone who uses the room will know it is a safe space to practice prayer or de-stress.

Shoe Storage:

Provide a clean and organized area for people to store their shoes and other belongings.

Comfortable Space & Efficient or Minimal Furniture

Decorate the space in an uncomplicated, open way, to make it inviting, yet optimal for any intended use.

Non-distracting Decor:

Illustrate simplicity in the decor to avoid distraction from prayer, meditation or a phone call. Decorating with plants is an excellent and uncomplicated way to refresh a space.

Directional Indicator:

Certain prayer practices must be facing a specific direction. Provide a compass or directional indicator if someone needs it to complete their prayer.

Wellness Resources:

If the room is used as a space to meditate or decompress after a stressful situation, guided meditation/wellness resources like Headspace or Endel are excellent mobile outlets.

By creating these spaces within the office environment for employees to have peaceful, or religious moments, not only shows respect to the individual coworkers but collectively communicates a message of overall employee acceptance, mutual respect, and a value on health and wellbeing. If you are looking for a starting point as someone who has the power to integrate the idea of a prayer or meditation room into a space, then seek out the knowledge and opinions of your employees.

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