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Holiday Review - New York City

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

The Retail Duo took a quick trip to NYC for some inspiration, retail events, and client visits. With proper travel protocols in place it was a bit stressful at times, we aren't going to lie, but it was time for us to get back on the road to visit one of the cities that we love!


There was no denying that woodland creatures were everywhere. Forest themes and little furry friends appeared in many of the big brand's windows and store themes.

COACH - Foiled animals; tiny and large. Among our faves; the fox, polar bear

and owl.

PULITZER FOUNTAIN - Fifth Avenue /Central Park - Arctic animals skating and moving around the foundation were too cute and at night it was illuminated for impact.

MACY'S - Who could miss the cutest blue reindeer, Tiptoe? Larger than life and animated in the windows its beautiful fabrication stopped the

young and old.


While urns and greenery, along with garlands is really nothing new during the holiday season it appeared more than ever these elements had extra volume.

HUDSON YARDS - beautiful

indoor planters.

BRYANT PARK - archway framing the entrance of the Bryant Park Grill, which is

always dramatic.

SAKS - garlands with black accents for elegance and drama.

1HOTEL - moss and plants don't go away even in the winter, adding fresh air and making spirts bright.


Making sure that people look up from their phones is every retailer and merchandisers challenge these days. Interactive elements that engage and create moments are essential, not to mention creating experiential moments that can be shared on social media are part of almost every large campaign. Some big brands also had "take overs" of Rockefeller Plaza, among them Chanel and Coach.

MACY'S - windows that had people jumping and gaming were a huge hit and brought smiles to peoples faces.

COACH -an interactive online digital game was launched to find the woodland creatures, as well as the very popular, and very well executed

Apres Ski village.

SHOWFIELDS - interactive pop up installations from brands engaging their customers.


It seems that in contrast to a year and a half, or more than that, of so called negative vibes, brands are bringing out the fun factor and a bit of joy. In display solutions we are seeing more and more mixes of textures that add to the sensory experience, and which is a sharp contrast for the world of online screen time and WFH

GUCCI - store front windows 5th Avenue covered in faux fur.

SHOWFIELDS - various installations and the famous fuzzy slide.


Strapped with budget constraints and of course the downfall of COVID-19 many brands had to get creative and it was evident that props had been re-used and re-imagined. Not only does this trick save money, but it is sustainable and very logical. This was evident from both smaller brands as well as the big names in retail.

BERGDORF'S - some props of the past have been re-finished and re-painted to bring new life to the jaw-dropping windows.

SAK'S - elements have been re-purposed and re-used in these elegant windows.

Always inspired by the big apple, The Retail Duo returned feeling energized and ready to tackle 2022!

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