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Campaigns that Capture our Attention

It is no secret that brands are constantly creating marketing strategies and campaigns to keep a hold of their current customers but also trying to capture new target groups. Nowadays there is a holiday and celebration for almost everything - and that’s a good thing! Being the faces for inclusivity and diversity many brands have changed course from everything from their product offerings, to the faces in their marketing campaigns. But the real trick lies between riding the coattails of an event or celebration and being authentic. Today's customers, especially millennials, are research savvy, hyper aware, and can see right through an insincere message. Cause marketing is the root of their brand loyalty, and they expect that a brand will be in some shape or form, giving back to society. Here we look at some brands that we think have been getting it right and we walk through a few reasons why.

Sherway Gardens, Etobicoke, ON was home to the Detox your feed with Dove installation.

DOVE - "Detox your feed with Dove" Drawing attention to harmful beauty ad's, the campaign is part of Dove’s Self-Esteem Project, founded in 2004, which found that one in two girls had low self-esteem because of idealized beauty content. And further, seven in ten girls felt better after unfollowing this type of content.

This research was gathered from more than 1,500 respondents, comprising girls between the ages of 10 and 17, between February and April 2022. Leandro Barreto, global vice-president at Dove, said: “We created this #DetoxYourFeed campaign to not only raise awareness around the insidious nature of toxic beauty advice but to also help parents navigate tough conversations and empower teens to unfollow content that makes them feel bad about themselves.” The wider campaign includes academic resources to help parents navigate tough conversations as well as partnerships with Gabrielle Union and Zaya Wade

As the mothers talk about how they could mitigate the impact of this content, Dove’s final message pops up on screen: “A girl’s greatest influence will always be her parents.” If you have not taken time to view the video, you should - and it will leave you shook.

Some of the vibrant Pride collection by COACH this year. COACH Burlington, ON

COACH - "Go All Out For Pride"

Coach's Creative Director, the lovely Stuart Vevers has been quoted as saying “Celebrating Pride is also about inspiring us to express ourselves as we really are—it’s a tribute to spaces where we can be our real selves and love.”

The campaign highlights and introduces a Coach Pride collection of bags, T-shirts, and shoes featuring a rainbow treatment of the brand’s signature heritage pattern.

We have witnessed more and more brands plastering rainbows on their products, but it often leaves the consumer wondering if there is a deeper understanding of this symbolism within the brand's DNA or is it simply smoke in mirrors. Coach's stance is to have a deeper meaning behind their forward-facing fashion, with The Coach Foundation advocating for the ACLU and the brand’s continued partnership with the Hetrick-Martin Institute, Point Foundation, and CenterLink Community of LGBTQ Centers.

Aerie's Third Avenue NYC location where positive messages in store are evident.

AERIE - "Aerie Real" The push to use relatable models and to not re touch photos by Aerie has paid off. This has been going on since 2014 and the company has not only stuck to their values, but it has been paying off with their ROI. “The purpose of 'Aerie Real' is to communicate there is no need to retouch beauty, and to give young women of all shapes and sizes the chance to discover amazing styles that work best for them," Jennifer Foyle, Aerie's global brand president, stated in a 2014 interview. Their transparent and straightforward approach worked. “We think it's time for a change," an internal letter read. "We think it's time to GET REAL and THINK REAL." "We want every girl to feel good about how they are and what they look like, inside and out." The brand has also had a profound effect on young women and body image as a result in their shift of advertising resulting in many heartwarming notes to the company as well as Recognition from the NEDA (national eating disorders association) When shopping in store the purity of the brand is apparent, and they maintain a professional aesthetic without the glossy images.

Maybe it is because THE DUO are surrounded by so many talented and knowledgeable college students during our 9-5 jobs, or it could be the fact THE DUO are also raising teenagers but now more than ever it is forcing us to dive deeper into the brands we choose to work with and the clients who are not only being good humans but treating the community where they are positioned in, with respect and dignity no matter what day it is.

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