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A Glimmer of Hope

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Why do we push Spring & Summer merchandise even in the dead of winter?

This can seem counter productive as we know that the majority of consumers are not travelling, especially this year, and their minds are generally not in the Spring/Summer mindset. For various reasons it is important to showcase new merchandise and if for nothing else, to add some vitality and promise of warmer days ahead.

By Diane Spiridoulias & Karen Kritzer

Hope!! A glimmer of hope during those cold, dark, long winter days. The promise of Spring…warmer temperatures, brighter colours, growth, renewal and a wardrobe change.

True to the collections in the fashion cycle Holiday or Cruise Collections always signal Spring vacations or March Breaks.

In the home everyone is ready for the chance to open their windows, and have that annual purge or spring clean. New textiles and brighter fabrics always make an appearance and the dark heavy accessories are often stored.

In the store environment, integrating new fresh bright pieces will also help to move regular and sale merchandise and help to make all of your merchandise assortment come alive.

A few key takeaways for store vitality;

Transition pieces are always smart to highlight. Especially with apparel – show the client that you are an expert in the field.

Re-fresh key areas of the store and offer new Spring & Summer collections as a way to add vitality.

Windows can be the perfect media for some bright fun colours and a new message that is a break from sale and winter themes.

Make the customer travel throughout the store – let them experience little snap shots of the new merchandise in strategic areas.

Don’t forget about your social channels! Use these as leverage to create a buzz around new products. Showcase new products arriving and being unboxed. Consider a pre-sale or if it can be done have an in-store launch party.

It is important to be a leader in your business and that means showcasing trends and evoking feelings and moods through merchandising, displays, and marketing within your store environment.

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