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S.A.D. Fashion Editorial for Picton Magazine

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

The Retail Duo's resident Fashion Stylist Diane Spridoulias is featured a fashion creative depicting the experience of the changing seasons, the resulting depression, and the reluctance to accept the loss of a traditional summer at the hands of the pandemic.

Staying Creative to Stay Sane!

It was November and the Toronto photo studios had just opened up. So I jumped at the chance to get out and get styling for a shoot. I was literally feeling like if I don't start creating fashion images that I might slide deeper into the COVID haze. Naturally I contacted my favourite photographer to see if she was up for the challenge. Thankfully she was down and we got started on the concept direction and the fashion focus.

I think my favourite look was the ruffled mini skirt and crop top that I made from three old 1980's mint green window valances. The curtains only cost me $10!”

Ruffle Realness

Our shoot was going to focus on a Spring/Summer 2021 trend that was all over the virtual runways. Ruffles were the biggest hit and provided a much needed excitement to upcoming seasons. I loved how ruffles provided visual interest, texture and volume. Of course the big challenge for me would be to find some awesome pieces on a modest budget and limited access to retail shops. Naturally, I decided to go the second hand route to find those rare and one-of-a-kind pieces. I think my look was the ruffled mini skirt and crop top that I made from three old 1980's mint green window valances. The curtains only cost me $10! A small price to pay for a big impact look. My photographer had a friend who made custom masks (@scantily_sad) and asked her to make a few for our shoot. These masks really added to our story and amplified the message.

Linking the Lighting to the Story

The photographer really wanted to highlight each shot by mimicking natural light at different times of the day. Likewise, I wanted the fashion to mirror the feeling of every stage of the lighting. The first few shots were a hazy early morning back-lit light. I kept the fashion light and airy here. The next two shots a little brighter and clear in focus...we even added a little fake blue sky background to poke a little nod about having to stay inside to keep safe. Adding in a feminine pink look was a bit more up-lifting...just like the lighting. We then transitioned into the mid-day direct sunlight that provides intense shadows and the exaggerated emotions that can come with it. Finally we focused on the end of the day darkness that pulls at your longing for dressing up and going out...remember when we did that?

If You Shoot it, They Will Publish it!

Every time I shoot a fashion creative I make it a goal for it to be submitted to magazines to be published. Wouldn't you know it, this time our creative good picked up and Published in Picton Magazine for the February 2021 issue. To top it all off we got the front and back cover! It just goes to show that even during a pandemic you can make some really beautiful art.

S.A.D. Editorial for @pictonmag

Photographer: Jenna MacDermaid @jennamacdermaid Stylist: Diane Spiridoulias@spirostyles

MUAH: Aniko Tar @acccce Model: Aysia with @plutinomodels

Custom Fashion Face Masks: @scantily_sad


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