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Inspired Spaces - The Ready Office Way

Updated: May 3

Our collaboration with TAYLOR CO. LTD continues to gain momentum as our implementation of their Ready Office+ has now reached another city: OTTAWA. We had the pleasure of working with "Team TCO." at their 275 Slater Street building to create, not one, but THREE spaces. Each suite offers a unique theme and whimsical details. They have been well received and have surprised and delighted the brokers in the area.


Ready Office+ is a physical work environment fundamentally built around people.

It's just like the model home that sprouts up in a newly built residential subdivision. Everyone that walks into these unique and well styled offices will feel inspired and right at home to work. The best part is - what you see is really what you get. That comfy couch, the multi-level desks, and even the pens and papers and decorative accessories - it’s all part of the Ready Office+ package.


Suite 803 is a harmonious blend of round shapes, warm hues, and retro charm. As you enter, you’ll be enveloped in a warm color palette that evokes a sense of comfort and familiarity. The careful juxtaposition of contrasting textiles, including sumptuous

velvet, supple leather, and the inviting light oak wood, creates a tactile experience

that’s as striking as it is inviting. It’s a vibe!

This office space is an ode to "the good old days"; providing more than just a workspace. It's a sanctuary where calmness meets creativity, allowing you to immerse

yourself in your tasks while drawing inspiration from the thoughtfully curated surroundings.

Whether you're brainstorming with colleagues in the cozy meeting room,

enjoying a meal in the inviting kitchen, or finding your focus at the meticulously

designed desks, this space is a canvas for innovation and growth.


Moving up to Suite 1004, occupants can make the daily transition into the office space a little easier as they step into this calming and serene space.

Minimal, yet welcoming, many details will inspire a productive day at work while also keeping coworkers balanced. Soft greens paired with grey hues maintain a subtle backdrop for textured elements such as birch, oak, stone and greenery.

This light airy space fosters collaboration and productivity, while also creating many thoughtful spaces for times of privacy and focus. Clean lines and natural materials are the backbone of this space. Revel in the details of stone, moss, books, and even find time for meditation or yoga.


Step 'Into the Woods,' in Suite 404 where the boundaries between the contemporary and the rustic blur into a harmonious symphony of design.

This innovative interior office concept draws inspiration from nature, seamlessly blending various wood materials with sleek finishes like marble and high-gloss metals. The space is a testament to the marriage of modern aesthetics with the raw beauty of the natural world, creating a unique atmosphere that transcends traditional office environments.

The design embraces biophilic principles, incorporating an abundance of plants and moss to bring the outdoors inside. Circular design principles are embraced throughout the space, fostering a sense of interconnectedness and unity. The interior acoustic wall panel system is repurposed, contributing to sustainability while enhancing the overall aesthetic.

In this multi-functional workspace, versatility is key. The design seamlessly integrates individual focused workspaces with areas conducive to collaborative endeavors. The heart of the office lies in the kitchen and open collaboration area. Here, expansive banquet tables invite employees to engage in 'big-picture thinking', encouraging dynamic teamwork and fostering a sense of community.

Into the Woods' is not just an office space; it's an immersive journey where modern innovation meets the tranquility of nature.


The completion of these offices meant it was time to unveil these gems to the public. Delicious food and drink were provided while conversations happened and people moved throughout the spaces.

A big thank you to Greg, Allan, and Team Ottawa; Sara, Adam, Bill and Michele as well as the fabulous GC's - ACC-Par Systems Ltd.

And as always, stay tuned for some more projects!

The Duo

images courtesy of @insideoutmedia and The DUO

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