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Integrating Plant Life Into Retail Environments

One of the top and most refreshing trends in retail décor is adding plants and florals to the retail merchandising mix. These colourful elements provide a more natural, organic, and clean feeling to the retail, commercial, and home environments. Since consumers are craving a little freshness during this very stale pandemic, it’s no wonder why it’s a trending concept.

The key to the integration of plants and florals is to look at planning this element into a regular store commercial calendar or monthly re-fresh.


Do your research before hand and consider a budget, shelf life, preferred environment/temperatures, and upkeep.

Will you and your staff be able to maintain all plant or floral installations that are integrated?

Does your retail store provide a desirable environment for the plants/florals to thrive in?


What florals or greenery work best. One must also consider the environment the plants would be in. Will the plants get a lot or a little light? Temperature consideration is also a must...don't want a plant dying because its too cold near a draughty window. Consider colour and texture. What florals (faux or real) and greenery selections work best with your stores overall interior colour palette and brand aesthetic. Of course, one down side to florals and plant life can sadly be allergies. Again, consider the scent and how it will be received. Strong lilies in full bloom, scattered throughout a store are probably not the best choice!


Indicate specific areas within the store layout where you would like to direct the shoppers. Strategically place seasonal items to “zig zag” a message throughout the store. Investing in a feature area could also be a possibility. A live wall located behind the cash desk or perhaps near a fitting room could be a key interior feature.


Ask the experts! Perhaps there is a local florist or greenhouse that would be willing to form a partnership. Consider featuring specific seasonal items and work together to cross promote each other’s businesses. There are many creatives out there that are probably screaming to showcase their creativity. DIY workshops and seminars also attract a lot of attention. Consider an online event or in store promotion that allows customers to experience tips and advice on how they too can integrate florals and greenery into their homes.

The key to adding these living elements in store is to also be creative. With the proper planning and integration, something relatively simple can attract attention, improve staff and shoppers moods and add to the overall brand experience.

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