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Biophilia In The Retail Space -Guest Blog-

Tips for Choosing The Right Plants Your

For Your Retail Environment

By: Louise Campbell

Lemon Tree Events

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that plants and flowers add joy and wellness to each of our lives. Whether you have a green thumb or not, we are all connected by nature.

The same holds true for your retail space. Connectivity with your customers not only exists between product and purchase, but between the retail environment and the customer experience.

Biophilia is the communion and/or relationship between nature and its interaction with other forms of life; such as humans. It translates to love of life.

The partnership between nature and your retail space is a relationship that can have a direct and immediate positive influence on your customer…if done right.

So where do you begin? It is easy to pick up plants or flowers at your local flower shop, greenhouse or grocery store. You want to ensure your foliage and blooms compliment your retail space and your brand, as well as provide a thriving environment for your flora.

Here are some easy tips to finding the right

flora for your space:

Low Light Spaces - Low light spaces are great opportunities for dark foliage or slow growing plants. Flowers are less likely to frequently bloom in these conditions, so be sure to pick foliage with interesting details. This is a great opportunity to pull in foliage with variegated, textured or coloured leaves to add interest and depth to your space.

Top Low Light Plant Suggestions:

Alocasia common name Amazon Elephant's Ear

Ficus Lyrata common name Fiddle-Leaf Fig

Sanseveria common name Snake Plant

- Did you know? These plants are extremely tough, durable and require very little care.

Spathiphyllum common name Peace Lily

- Did you know? These plant clean the air by removing toxins.

Bright Light Spaces - This is an excellent opportunity to bring in colours with vibrant floral blooms. There are many varieties of plant and flowers that will thrive in bright light environments. The key is to find plants that have long lasting blooms - this will keep your plant maintenance time to a minimum and allow your customers/staff to enjoy the blooms longer. Also, consider choosing blooms that compliment your brands colour story, whenever possible. This will create a repetition of brand identification, even in the small details.

Top Bright Light Plant Suggestions:

Andraeanum common name Anthurium

Phalaenopsis Orchidaceae common name Orchid

- Did you know? These plants can bloom multiple times a year and the blooms can last for months.

Calathea Makoyana common name Peacock Plant

- Did you know? These plants love humidity and enjoy a thorough misting every now and then. They also have a habit of curling up their leaves at night to sleep - how neat!

Plant Placement - When choosing plants or blooms for your space, it is important plants are accessible to staff for watering and plant care needs.

To optimize the Biophilia connection, focus your plant placement by using your hot spots or key areas on your floorpan where your customers may linger or be drawn to.

Embracing Biophilia design within your retail environment will enhance your customer experience by creating wellness and interest through nature.

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